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Crypto Payments Fintech Front Debuts Api Platform

Use this method to get exchange rates of supported currencies. Offset needed to return a specific subset of invoices. Pass true if the user should not receive a notification about the transfer. User_id Telegram User ID. The user needs to have an account in our bot (send /start if no). Text of the message that will be shown to a user after the invoice is paid.

NameTypeDescriptionidstringUnique identifier for the object.external_idstringAcquirer’s reference identifier of the sub-merchant. Array of subscription objects with paging meta information. Cancels an active subscription so that Crypto.com Pay will no longer collect payments automatically for this subscription. Retrieves the details of a product by the unique product ID, which was returned from your creation request.

  • A plan represents a timeframe or level of access to your product.
  • If you are using Shopify, please refer to the Shopify Setup Guide for the instructions to add the promotion banner in your connected Shopify Shop.
  • The Crypto.com Pay API uses API keys to authenticate requests.
  • Crypto.com Pay for Business is a product of Crypto.com Pay, which utilises Crypto.com App, Crypto.org Chain, and Cronos to be a high-performing payment solution.
  • In addition to their existing services and solutions, CoinsPaid is planning to release a CPD token and DeFi solutions for their clients.
  • The payments are returned in sorted order, with the most recent payment appearing first.

Array of payment objects with paging meta information. You can use the Crypto.com Pay API in test mode, which does not affect your live data or interact with the payment networks. The API key you use to authenticate the request determines https://xcritical.com/ whether the request is live mode or test mode. Add a container element on your page and render the Crypto.com Pay button in it. Also pass the Subscription ID created in Step 5 into this container (attribute is data-subscription-id).

CryptoPayments Script implemented interfaces for accepting crypto to your money wallet. Each client can have several crypto accounts on different blockchains. You have one for each, from where you can withdraw your money.

What The Main Blockchain Api Does

It has native applications for Android and iOS to manage it on the go. You can receive 70+ cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. On the basis of invoices, several ready-made solutions have been implemented, which allow you to make quick integration, or use them manually without integration. Upon successful completion of the payment, the user receives the indicated amount to the balance. We are rapidly developing this product and appreciate all feedback.

Shopify gateway is an e-commerce payment gateway and is one of the most trusted ones in the crypto market today. API allows you to receive and send bitcoins to other wallets. Download the mobile app into your Android and start bitcoin transactions. Shapeshift integration that supports different crypto coins. Integrate CryptAPI payment or wallet APIs into your business for a custom crypto experience for your clients. In addition, you should check for minimum withdrawal limits for your payment gateway.

5 Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways for Multi-Location Retailers – Street Fight

5 Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways for Multi-Location Retailers.

Posted: Wed, 14 Sep 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

The company’s global crypto bank has onboarded more than 100,000 savers since launching their mobile app in December 2021. B2BinPay is awarded as the best provider of crypto payments, and this recognition is the most powerful strong point for newer entrants. The provider connects your business to a Zcash payment API and 800+ more coins, stablecoins, and tokens. Business owners may access secured and convenient wallets to receive, send, hold, and exchange their digital assets.

Opportunity To Zero Fee Trading With Cobinhod

User will see this description when they pay the invoice. First, you need to create your application and get an API token. Open @CryptoBot or @CryptoTestnetBot , send a command /pay to create a new app and get API Token. Worldwide payment services including Iran and North Korea. Supports multiple crypto coins like Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, and XRP. The wallet is 100% free with no subscription or monthly charges.

crypto payment api

Our solution is custody-free, low-fee, and easy to implement anywhere. NOWPayments was created in 2019 by the ChangeNOW team. The goal behind the development was to create a payment gateway with the widest assortment of cryptocurrency coins, easy-to-implement API, and ready-to-go solutions. Plisio is a cryptocurrency gateway allowing your business to start accepting crypto-payments in a matter of a few minutes. Connection won’t take long and the most popular integrations like Opencart, WHMCS, VirtueMart, and WooCommerce will make it even easier for you.

Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways For 2022

This can be any type of customer ID, from a mint address to an email to a Twitter handle. You can set up a webhook to receive the payment information to your server. A plan represents a timeframe or level of access to your product. Retrieves the details of a sub-merchant by the unique sub-merchant ID , which was returned from your creation request.

crypto payment api

The company’s Cross-Chain High Yield Aggregator is the first product in the industry that automatically scans and ensures the highest yields across multiple chains. ALFAcoins can be easily exchanged into fiat currencies like USD or EUR and other cryptocurrencies and transferred to the respective bank accounts of users. TripleA bitcoin payment gateway offers a fast setup.

The integration with our crypto payments API is totally customizable, so you can create your own payment gateway to process your crypto. SpicePay, another cryptocurrency payment gateway allows you to accept and exchange cryptocurrencies and store your funds securely in your wallet. Coinbase is one of the most popular bitcoin exchanges for business transactions. Download the merchant app and start accepting bitcoins. One of the key features of Coinbase is you can immediately start converting bitcoins into fiat and avoid the risk of price volatility.

Every payment gateway has a hidden fee that I can’t have possibly mentioned. This is a fee whenever your customer pays in the coin you don’t accept into. Please go to “Plans and pricing” section on this web page to find out which pricing plan do you agree with. Make a choice by clicking the desired button to add a product license to the cart.

You can either choose to use their WooCommerce plugin for your WordPress website or use their API for custom integration. CoinGate another bitcoin payment gateway for your business allows you to use bitcoins and altcoins and accept payment in USD, EUR, and BTC. In recent days, the crypto market has been volatile like never before. There are a lot of government restrictions and transactions are susceptible to losses.

The benefits of using Bitcoin as a payment option are innumerable. You can host your own eCommerce with Paychant and accept payments in cryptocurrencies. Additionally, a merchant is liable to pay 0.5% at the time of settlements in fiat or cryptocurrencies. Your customers can use the Crypto.com application, connect an ERC-20 wallet, or use their Bitcoin wallets to make payments. While you can always set up a manual wallet and accept payments, the convenience of using a dedicated third-party solution is unmatched. It generates a payment link with an amount in fiat or cryptocurrency which is manually pre-specified.

You can also use the pricing plan ID of a pricing plan you created previously. On server side, obtain a payment ID by creating a payment. If you use curl, please note that a colon is needed after the Secret Key to prevent it from asking you for a password.

Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways

CoinSplit features allow users to receive parts of payments in cryptocurrencies and parts in fiat like USD and EUR. They just need to set their default account currency. You can utilize NOWPayments to accept crypto payments and convert those to fiat. The payers can specify the amount in fiat currency by themselves, then select the cryptocurrency for a payment and pay. The existence and status of the transaction is monitored manually. We have wanted to accept crypto payments for the API for quite some time.

Accepting crypto payments gives you access to an international audience. That leaves you and your customers without any annoying middlemen, like a bank. It’s about time you start to accept crypto payments and not be left behind in this raging crypto revolution. While talking smartbot chat about APIs for crypto payments, a business owner needs to get the best-matching solution that entirely corresponds with his goals. Despite the explosive growth, crypto payments are still somehow a new word for beginners, and business owners rely on API providers.


If the customers have eligible CRO stakes in their Crypto.com accounts, they can even enjoy 2x of the normal rebate rate. If you want to send payments in crypto, be that a payroll or affiliate rewards – we got you covered. Our customized Mass Payments solution has been created to help with payouts. Personal plans for businesses with a higher turnover rate.

crypto payment api

See Create a Subscription section for the schema of subscription object that you should pass in. XendBridge is the first crypto payment API that will allow startups and businesses in Africa to accept and transact with U.S. Dollars and Euros, amongst several other assets, including Nigerian Nairas, Kenyan Shillings, and Ghanaian Cedis. Our Web3 infrastructure allows startups to easily access the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency for their businesses.

We don’t take a percentage from a transaction and do not require a monthly fee. Users will see this comment when they receive a notification about the transfer. Decentralization is a key of blockchain technology. Servers and hard drivers that contain bits and pieces of information about a particular blockchain network are located in different parts of the world. The fact that it is decentralized and there is no particular place where all data is stored, makes it very difficult for hackers to attack and steal the money.

Merchant Acquirers

The Luno crypto payment API helps merchants accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment options. The API is easily integrated with Go, Python, and Php. Moreover, merchants who make the first steps in the crypto world get access to comprehensive guides to understanding how payments work.

Supply the unique payment ID that was returned from your previous request, and the API will return the corresponding payment information. Returns the payment object if the creation succeeded. You can skip this step if you already have one account. Once you have access to the Crypto.com Pay Merchant Dashboard, you will be able to generate a secret key and publishable key pair.

The payment can also be late if the funds did not reach the provided wallet address in time. For customers who pay using other cryptocurrency wallets, the payment page requires them to input their email addresses when they pay. When a refund is issued, a refund claim link and instruction will be sent to the email address provided for the customer to claim the refund. Subject to the refund method selected, a blockchain fee may be deducted from the refund amount. Crypto.com Pay for Business has no transaction fee.

Similarly, on server side, obtain a customer ID by creating a customer. See Create a Customer section for the schema of customer object that you should pass in. On server side, retrieve the payment and check whether the payment status is succeeded.

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